Self-hosted Weekly #4

this weeks newsletter comes with a slight delay since up until a few hours ago we still had new years guests over. Since the last newsletter I have spent quite some time playing with Ansible which will be a main topic in this issue.

Ansible tutorials in the DigitalOcean Community

Within the DigitalOcean Community a lot of helpful resources can be found and naturally there are also quite some Ansible tutorials. Ranging from the general Ansible setup, to initial setup of a new server and using Ansible to installing Docker and deploying containers.

DebOps - Your Debian-based data center in a box

This one seems interesting for those that don’t want to start from scratch. DebOps is a compilation of playbooks to deploy services and their dependencies (database, auth). Applications include Dokuwiki and Gitlab as well as Roundcube as a webmailer for a Dovecot and Postfix stack.

Ansible playbook for Kopano

I have not yet tried ansible-kopano but it seems like a good start if one want to add Kopano to an existing Ansible deployment.

ManageIQ - Discover, Optimize, and Control your Hybrid IT

ManageIQ is at the outer edge of personal self-hosting, but seemed interesting anyways. It’s a management platform that even offers self servicing for users to deploy new machines and services.


  • Chezmoi 1.7.10 has been my dotfile manager of choice for a few months now. It can use various password managers and gpg to avoid storing sensitive data in its git repository.

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Have a nice weekend! Felix