About me

Hi, my name is Felix Bartels and I am originally from Hannover (Germany), where I also completed my bachelors degree in “Business Information Systems” (“Wirtschaftsinformatik” in German) at the Fachhochschule Hannover. Currently I am living in Pijnacker (the Netherlands) which is located right between Rotterdam and Den Haag.

I am not a developer, but sometimes a plumber that knows how pieces need to be put together. I have ideas. Like to test and play. Understand and document. Talk about open-source software (OSS) and improve it.

Even though I see all colours of the rainbow, sometimes I like to look at problems (at times with a sarcastic tone) as if there is only black and white. In IT something either works, or it doesn’t. And even if it only occasionally does not work, it cannot be considered to be working at all.

But it’s also good to have in mind, that something that does not work for someone, may be the perfect solution for somebody else.

For more than ten years I have earned my living working with and supporting OSS. And even though I would not consider myself an extrovert, I like engaging with communities for offering insights, input, assistance and help. You could even say that sharing knowledge is a passion of mine, this is why I am running a weekly newsletter about self-hosting, as well as enjoy giving trainings and webinars/talks through my place of work.

Get in contact with me if you want to discuss. You can also request a session with me.