Nextcloud offers a variety of apps/plugins that can be installed to enhance its functionality. In addition to the standard apps, there are a few apps that should not be missing to make life easier for users and administrators alike. Below are my recommendations and a brief explanation of why I recommend them.

  • Welcome
    • The Welcome widget is helpful in guiding users where to find what in your organisation. It displays the contents of a markdown file directly on the dashboard, which can include links to important files or external tools. It also allows a support contact to be defined, which can then be reached via Nextcloud Talk.
  • Impersonate
    • A user is currently unavailable, but there is something in their account that needs to be accessed urgently? The “Impersonate” app makes it easy for administrators to become that user and access files and application data, as if they were the user.
  • Group Folders
    • Especially in a corporate environment, you have a lot of data that you want to share with users through a kind of “public folder”. The Group Folders application makes it easy to share folders with users without having a single user as the original owner of those folders. All that is required is for the admin to create groups and assign users to them from the Nextcloud user management and then (again from the admin backend) create the ‘group folder’. These folders will then appear in an extra tab in the file overview as well as next to the folders of the respective user.

This list will extended over time.