The time has come to perform some much needed changes in my private IT landscape. Over the years a collection of single board computers, physical and virtual machines has formed the base for my own IT “zoo”, and as time has progressed some parts of it are in need of an overhaul, since they have been built on changing needs and past assumption, that may have not turned out as wise as once thought.

Some of the machines were connected through an OpenLDAP installation that has gotten more and more complex to manage, some services were standalone or maybe completely missing user management at all (which was fine since they were only exposed on a private lan anyways). Some services did have proper SSL and DNS setup, some didn’t. And if we’re honest, documentation was missing for most of them.

But this is about to change. I have decided to purchase a new domain name and rebuild my infrastructure based on this new domain name. For this I am going to use both modern and easy to use tools, services and practices, so that others are able to replicate all or parts of the service architecture. The setup process will be documented in a series of blogs and articles, that will be accompanied by occasional videos and a private community and git repository.

The end result will not be a “one click” and “one size fits all” solution, but still something that requires Linux and networking base knowledge and continous maintenance, but should provide all pieces for small to medium environments.