Observations of a "catfluencer"

I recently had someone new moving in with me. My kitten Abby. And because its always fun to share I though that in addition to pestering friends and family with pictures, videos and soundbites, I also want to share the gift of Abby with the world and created an Instagram account for her.

And I think I have an interesting observation so far..

Abby’s first instagram post

Abbys account is still quite small Often get comments asking to send a dm for a collaboration account have the name of the shop in it, but also a first name and a number

TODO get examples

Probably some bots looking for certain hashtags and then auto commenting.

They are promoting some online shop where you can be an “influencer”, You get to shop with a discount and when you post an image linking back to them they also repost it. Plus you get a discount code to share with your followers.

These shop usually try to sell some emotional story. Entrepreneurs! That only want the best for your cat! But similar products can be bought at other sites often way cheaper.

I heard similar stories about jewelry shops, so the business models seems to also be applicable outside of the pet accessoire space.